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Knowledge Center

This area provides a variety of shipment resources for your information needs, such as; density calculator, FAQ’s, mileage calculator, trailer specifications, industry news and events, brochures, demos along with a variety of other resources.


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Density calculator
   NET’s freight density calculator helps you determine your shipment’s volume and density. 


   Frequently asked questions by our customers on everything shipping.

Mileage calculator
   Figure up how many miles your shipment will need to travel.


Trailer Specifications

   Find out the dimensions of a trailer, inside and out.
   Find the dimensions of various ocean containers from interior length to payload.
Shipping Glossary
   The transportation industry and NET use terms about which you might want more details.
Industry news and events
   Find out what is going on in the shipping industry.
   NET brochures of services offered for your viewing pleasure.
   NET has put together some YouTube videos to show a few demos on shipping.